Computational Physics for Upper Level Courses
Friday 2:00-3:30

Physics High Performance Computing (HPC) Education
Scott Lathrop, Dave Joiner, and Thomas Loughran

Participants will be asked to describe the challenges and issues in advancing the learning and work force development of undergraduate students in a rapidly evolving technological society.


Modeling with Easy Java Simulations
Francisco Esquembre

The premise of Easy Java Simulations (Ejs) modeling is that when students are not actively involved in modeling they lose out on much of what can be learned from computer simulations. Although the modeling method can be used without computers, the use of computers allows students to study problems that are difficult and time consuming, to visualize their results, and to communicate their results with others. Ejs is a free open-source Java application that simplifies the modeling process by breaking it into activities: (1) documentation, (2) modeling, and (3) interface design. The Ejs program and examples of models will be available on CD. Ejs models, documentation, and sample curricular material can also be downloaded from Open Source Physics and Easy Java Simulations websites:

Partial funding for this work was obtained through NSF grant DUE-0442581.