Computational Physics for Upper Level Courses

Registration for the AAPT Topical Conference on Computational Physics for Upper Level Physics will be $120 for participants attending the Topical Conference only and $40 for participants attending both the Topical Conference and the AAPT 2007 Summer Meeting.  Conference Registration for BOTH conferences will be available in conjunction with the 2007 AAPT Summer Meeting registration.  Participants registering ONLY the Topical Conference should email the conference organizer for application and registration information.

Application and registration are separate processes.  Because the number of participants is limited, application does not guarantee acceptance.  An email to the conference organizer containing a short statement of how computation is being used by the applicant and a draft abstract if the applicant plans to present a poster will speed the application process.  Accepted participants will be notified by email no later than the end of the AAPT Advance Registration period on May 24. 

Application to BOTH conferences takes place on the main AAPT Summer Meeting website.  Applications for this meeting can be submitted by selecting the "Computational Physics for Upper Level Courses Conference" box under the Special Events section of the AAPT registration form.

Pre-register for the Summer 2007 meeting today!

Email Computational Physics Conference abstracts to the conference organizer, Wolfgang Christian, at Davidson College.