Computational Physics for Upper Level Courses

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The conference program is arranged (1) to stimulate discussion among participants, (2) to inspire them to use their own computational and instructional experience, and (3) to develop specific activities that they can use in their courses and within their departments during the coming academic year. In the process of doing so they will generate valuable information that the conference organizing committee will incorporate into a white paper reporting on a better understanding of the rationale, methods, and strategies that can enhance computational physics education.

Program Outline

Thursday JULY 26, 2007

Registration and set up posters

Friday JULY 27, 2007

Session I: The Role of Scientific Computing in Physics and Related Fields

Session II: Integrating Computational Physics into the Curriculum

Saturday JULY 28, 2007

Session III: Computational Physics Education

Conference adjourns at 4:00 PM.  We will provide shuttle service to Greensboro Saturday evening and Sunday morning.