Computational Physics for Upper Level Courses

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Application and registration are separate processes.  Because the number of participants is limited, application does not guarantee acceptance.  Accepted participants will be notified by email after the end of the AAPT Advance Registration period on May 24, 2007.

Brad Ambrose (Grand Valley State University)

Kris Anderson (Naval Research Lab)

Rami Arieli (Weizmann Institute, Israel)

Ernie Behringer (Eastern Michigan University)

Regina Barrera (Lee College)

John Belcher (MIT)

Mario Belloni (Davidson College)

Andreas Bill (California State Univ. Long Beach)

Benjamin Bousquet (Wartburg College)

Doug Brown (Cabrillo College)

Amy Bug (Swarthmore College)

Norman Chonacky (Yale)

Wolfgang Christian (Davidson College)

Brian Clark (Illinois State University)

David Cook (Lawrence University)

Anne Cox (Eckerd College)

Patrick Crotty (University of Virginia)

Tim Duman (Indiana)

Larry Engelhardt (Francis Marion University)

Francisco Esquembre (University of Murcia, Spain)

Steven Gottlieb (Indiana University)

Harvey Gould (Clark University)

Javier Hasbun (University of West Georgia)

Mark Haugan (Purdue University)

Robert Hilborn (Amherst University)

Fu-Kwun Hwang (National Taiwan Normal University)

David Joiner (New Jersey Center for Science and Technology Education)

Randall Jones (Loyola University)

William Junkin (Eckerd College)

Dean Karlen (University of Victoria and TRIUMF)

Rubin Landau (Oregon State University)

Scott Lathrop (NCSA)

Yao Liu

John Mallinckrodt (California State University Pomona)

Viktor Martisovits (Central College)

Bruce Mason (University of Oklahoma)

David McIntyre (Oregon State University)

Taha Mzoughi (Kennesaw State)

Paul Tiesinga (University of North Carolina)

David McIntyre (Oregon State University)

Robert Panoff (Shodor Foundation)

Zoltan Papp (California State University Long Beach)

Kelly Roos

Rob Salgado (Syracuse University)

David Schaich (Boston University)

Angela Shiflet (Wofford College)

Jim Socacki (James Madison University)

Julien C. Sprott (University of Wisconsin)

Paul Stanley (Beloit College)

Keith Stein (Bethel University)

Robert Swendsen (Carnegie-Mellon University)

Paul Tiesinga (University of North Carolina)

Todd Timberlake (Berry College)

Jan Tobochnik (Kalamazoo College)

Brian Utter (James Madison University)

Zenaida Uy (Millersville University)

Katharina Vollmayr-Lee (Bucknell University)

Jianyi Wang (University of Massachusetts Dartmouth)

Eric Warren (Evernham Motorsports)

Linda Winkler (Minnesota State University Moorhead)

Jie Zou (Eastern Illinois University)

Ulrich Zurcher (Cleveland State University)