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The Open Source Physics Project is supported by NSF DUE-0442581.

Computational Resources for Teaching

The OSP Collection provides curriculum resources that engage students in physics, computation, and computer modeling. Computational physics and computer modeling provide students with new ways to understand, describe, explain, and predict physical phenomena. Browse the OSP simulations or learn more about our tools and curriculum pieces below.


The Tracker tool extends traditional video analysis by enabling users to create particle models based on Newton's laws. Because models synchronize with and draw themselves right on videos of real-world objects, students can test models experimentally by direct visual inspection.

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Projectile Motion with Angry Birds
The Projectile Motion with Angry Birds lab uses the original video from Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds and the Tracker video analysis tool to measure and analyze the motion an angry bird projected from a slingshot to hit a pig. This OSP item was inspired by Rhett Allain's Dot Physics, a physics blog for Wired.

Curriculum Packages

OSP curriculum packages combine computer simulations with tutorial materials and student worksheets. Packages can be modified to meet the needs of faculty and students

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Tracker Video Analysis and Modeling Tool
Tracker Version 4.61 now supports a direct connection to Tracker-based models in the OSP catalog using a DL Browser.  Click on the DL Browser button and download Tracker models directly to your computer.

Tracker 4.61 now uses Xuggle, an open source video engine that greatly expands the number of readable video formats on all platforms (QuickTime is still supported but not required). Xuggle is free but you must install it along with Tracker using the Tracker 4.61 installer, available for Windows , Mac OS X and Linux.

EJS Modeling

Student modeling, the guided exploration of physical systems and concepts, is a powerful approach to engaged learning. Easy Java Simulations provides the computational tools for students and faculty to explore physics without the need for learning details of java programming.

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Platform on Two Rotating Cylinders Model
The Ejs Platform on Two Rotating Cylinders model displays the model of a platform resting on two equal cylinders are rotating with opposite angular velocities.  There is kinetic friction between each cylinder and the platform.    The separation between the cylinders and the coefficient of kinetic friction can be changed via textboxes.


Open Source Physics provides extensive resources for computational physics and physics simulations. Included are:

  • An Eclipse environment for OSP
  • OSP Source Code Libraries
  • OSP best practices
  • Documentation

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OSP provides several general applications for physics teaching, student activities, and curriculum distribution. These are:

OSP Events

Incorporating Computation and Modeling into Physics and Astronomy Teaching
Workshop for New Faculty
ACP, College Park, MD
November 19-22, 2015

Creating Interactive Electronic Books for Computers and Tablets
AAPT 2016 Summer Meeting
Sacramento, CA
July 16-20, 2016

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Newest OSP Materials

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Oct 21 Ball Toss Data Connection Model

Recently Updated Materials

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Oct 22 Easy Java Simulations Modeling and Authoring Tool
Oct 22 Simple Harmonic Oscillator JS Model without Graph supplement

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